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good lip overdrawing right here.

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Just lost two followers.

stop it.

I will turn this blog around right now.

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Let’s all sit around and listen to grandad rant about how everything in the newspaper is horrible, with his partially racist opinions.

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Perpetual Calendar, 2013 | by Arina Pozdnyak

Cyanea Blue

Can has girlfriend pls?


With the premiere of Deep Breath and Series 8 only two days away (!!!!!), things are getting very exciting.


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Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have gone around the world visiting Whovians for the #DWWorldTour, the TARDIS has been getting vital repairs done in preparation for the new series, and us Adipose have been hard at work trying to figure out the best sugar cookie recipe for our screening party! But what about everyone else? Today, let’s talk about what we’ll be doing to celebrate the premiere of Series 8 on Saturday. 

Will you be attending a cinema screening with all of your friends? Will you be watching it in your bedroom with your dog, following along on tumblr as we liveblog it?

Do you have to work that day but will still be wearing a Capaldigan in solidarity? What snacks will you be having? Do you have a music playlist? Any particular cosplay plans? 

Tell us about your plans in the form of a text post/image/video/selfie/audio/any other post of your choosing and make sure to tag it with #Celebrate Series 8 so we can see it. We’ll be reblogging a whole bunch throughout the day. 


Takato Yamamoto

Now people who have tattoos are idiots, and i’m told that i apparently don’t want to ruin my body with silly drawing.

What if i turn into an old person and wake up and suddenly hate the way i look.


All my grandparents watch is the news every breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening. If not, then they’ve got the news channel on all day in between and its driving me mental.

The same 5 stories on repeatedly. The same comments from grandparents on the stories, every 5 minutes. Two minutes of talking about something else, then straight back to my grandad ranting about how black people should go back to their own country and how something horrible in the news is horrible. Stop watching it every goddamn 20 minutes then! fuck!