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Chuck Ragan & The Camaraderie / “You and I Alone”


Chuck Ragan / “Non Typical”


Chuck Ragan’s new album ‘Till Midnight’ just came in the post. on vinyl. because i’m hipster.

Chuck Ragan / “Non Typical”

i need this fucking album already

Chuck Ragan / “Something May Catch Fire”

New Chuck Ragan and The Camaraderie. I need to get this album already.

Chuck Ragan // “Something May Catch Fire”

New Chuck Ragan music video!

Chuck Ragan
Covering Ground
Right As Rain
69 plays

Chuck Ragan / “Right As Rain”


love you Chuck

So Chuck Ragan did another live show last night, with Joe Ginsberg, Jon Gaunt, and i can;t remember the other guys names :S haha

It made me so happy, watching these guys live online!

Chuck Ragan/Joe Ginsberg/Dave Hause - ‘Prague (Revive Me)’

Excuse the folk spam today :P

The Revival Tour 2011
The Revival Tour
Great Expectations
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Brian Fallon / Great Expectations 

This song means a lot to me, from a while ago, and i’m trying to learn it while playing harmonica too, but doing 2 things at once is hard haha

Chuck Ragan / Bedroll Lullaby

Okay so i wanna master this song first :P

Chuck Ragan / Nothing Left to Prove

Chuch Ragan’s first StageIt liveshow!

I was watching live :P and i just found it on youtube >.<

The quality isn’t great, but it was recorded over a livestream service, and Chuck’s computer, so its not going to be amazing. But it was great to see live :D

Chuck Ragan / “The Boat”

Chuck Ragan
Gold Country
For Goodness Sake
19 plays

Chuck Ragan / ‘For Goodness Sake’

Goddamnit Chuck, you grizzly, husky voiced angel.