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A child in a man's body

Alkaline Trio
While You're Waiting
156 plays

Alkaline Trio // “While You’re Waiting”

Alkaline Trio / “Young Lovers”

Alkaline Trio
Good Mourning (Advance)
If We Never Go Inside
269 plays

Alkaline Trio // “If We Never Go Inside”

Havn’t listened to this in AGES <3

Alkaline Trio
My Shame Is True
Young Lovers
239 plays

Alkaline Trio // “Young Lovers”

Dan’s voice <3

Alkaline Trio
Broken Wing EP
Balanced On A Shelf
140 plays

Alkaline Trio // “Balanced On a Shelf”

I love these guys too much

Alkaline Trio / “Broken Wing”

aww yiss

Alkaline Trio / I, Pessimist (ft Tim McIlrath of Rise Against)

Alkaline Trio
My Shame Is True
Young Lovers
59 plays

Alkaline Trio / Young Lovers

<3 Dannys voice can i marry you please

just your voice tho

Chuck Ragan / Bedroll Lullaby

Okay so i wanna master this song first :P

Alkaline Trio / “I Wanna Be A Warhol”

A bit repetative, and i think the lyrics are a bit generic. not that i don’t like it though! Sounds like something off Good Mourning, which is a good era of Trio, to sound like! :P I hope the albums awesome.

Chuck Ragan / “Bedroll lullaby”

This song is damn fun to play on the harmonica. And very catchy.

The Loved Ones / “The Bridge”

i was just listening to the 2011 Revival Tour. The acoustic version of this, and thought i’d find the original. Very good. 

Chuck Ragan / “Bedroll Lullaby”

Fucking love this song. One of the few Chuck Ragan/Revival Tour songs i can play the harmonica for :3

Chuck Ragan / “Camaraderie of The Commons (Nervous Energies Session)”

A lovely little ditty, this song is the hidden track from 2011’s Covering Ground.
On track 10 ‘Lost and Found’, skip through the silence until 9:05, and you’ll find this.

This is a live version though.

Its pretty tough finding the Joe Ginsberg / Jon Gaunt Split EP :(

They play the fiddle and upright bass in the revival tour.