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jetpacks was yes

Alex // 24 // UK

Single // Vegetarian

Drinking beers and playing Mega Drive games ON MY MEGADRIVE and no-one can stop me.

(sega genesis for you americans)

I scratched my watch yesterday while moving beer kegs in the cellar at work. :/

Got to the tattoo place after thinking about booking an appointment for weeks now, and it’s fucking closed.

Im nearly broke, wooo

Not my picture, but drinking this right now and its delicoussssssssss

Banana Bread Beer is the fucking best.

i need a record player

Sat watching lightning

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Just locked myself out of the house without headphones. This is the worst day ever haha

Late night selfie for no reason

How does a fucking pizza place run out of dough on a saturday night

Forgot to bring my headphones to work. This is the most naked I’ve ever felt haha.

drunk and half asleep listening to the Sega Genesis Sonic 2 full soundtrack because i’m a grown up 90’s man baby.