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On my way home from the pub at midnight, i bumped into an old man who was very drunk and hanging off a railing. After checking in with him, he revealed that he was Christian, and was very surprised that myself (an atheist) was asking about his well-being, and was willing to assist him. I offered to walk him partly home, as he seemed he couldnt even release himself from the railing which was supporting him, and we had a great discussion on the universe and how people should treat eachother. In my opinion, i don’t beleive someone has to be a christian to be able to care for a stranger or to go out of their way to ensure someone’s safety, but it was a real surpise to him, and he commended me for it. Just as i commend him for hopefully opening his eyes to the fact that just because someone believes differently about the creation of the universe, or the existence of Jesus/God in general, it does not mean that they are not a caring person. He was truly impressed with me, as i am with him, and i hope i rubbed off on him, as he did with me. Have a safe trip home Brian.

32 minutes into Cloud Atlas and it’s still introducing new stories and characters. God help me.

i need a new hairstyle thats short and low maintenance, and cool.

Tumblering on your phone on public is the ultimate challenge.

First selfie on new webcam.

it looks like I’m looking above the lens, but i swear i was looking at it. meh

gonna reheat leftover pizza for dinner and then more beer. this is a plan.

So my package came at like 7pm. Weird.

Basically yeah :D

YO where my package at biatch

Dear amazon

Don’t email me telling me that my things will be delivered today, then not deliver them. A load of letters arrived earlier, which leads me to believe that my package is not in the regular post, which means maybe i accidentally bought a first class courier service or something because it was 3am and i was really tired, and using the Amazon android app.

Point being: i want to read Hellboy already. Hurry up!

I lost two followers today.

I didn’t like those ones anyway.

Eating pringles until your tongue hurts, is just an inevitability.

Just got an inbox message, insisting that it isn’t spam, and insisting that this miracle diet thing works. But it was submitted by email, and the email is jetpacks-was-yes1169@hotmail,com.

Thats fucking creepy.

pb&j sandwich at 2:40am.

I see nothing wrong with this.

Been awake 40 minutes and this is the worst day ever