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More Breaking Bad today.

Lets do this.

Sat wearing my Heisenberg hat, naked, drinking beer watching Breaking Bad.


A day late party selfie

Nice and short again.

I’ve managed to watch the whole first season, and the first episode of the second season of Breaking Bad in one day because I’m a loser.

So i poured boiling water into my favourite Back To The Future mug to make a cup of tea, and i just hear a pop. Then my tea starts pouring onto the floor.

My favourite mug just cracked all the way down to the base, and started flowing through the crack. How does a coffee mug just crack?!

RIP Favourite Cup

Rik Mayal, Robin Williams, and now Richard Attenborough.

Too many good people this year.


Episode One of the new series of Doctor Who is on any minute! aweiorug43tuh3f

Can has girlfriend pls?

Now people who have tattoos are idiots, and i’m told that i apparently don’t want to ruin my body with silly drawing.

What if i turn into an old person and wake up and suddenly hate the way i look.


All my grandparents watch is the news every breakfast, lunch, dinner and evening. If not, then they’ve got the news channel on all day in between and its driving me mental.

The same 5 stories on repeatedly. The same comments from grandparents on the stories, every 5 minutes. Two minutes of talking about something else, then straight back to my grandad ranting about how black people should go back to their own country and how something horrible in the news is horrible. Stop watching it every goddamn 20 minutes then! fuck!

I want to build my own enclosed terrarium.

My own little world that i’d have created.

There was a power cut last night and all the street lights were off. I could see so many stars, it was incredible. You could even faintly see the galactic arm.

One reason i need to get a place of my own, is so that i can hang out naked all day and nobody can stop me.