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A child in a man's body

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Periphery / “Overture”

So Misha’s re-recording ‘Breeze’, it fucking sounds amazing. It’ll be even better when he’s got the solo in there too!

Animals As Leaders
The Joy Of Motion
Physical Education
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Animals As Leaders // “Physical Education”

An unusual song, but catchy!

Plini // “Sweet Nothings EP” [Full]

Got 17minutes to spare? Or just listen to it in the background anyways, its fucking awesome.

Myself and many others have stated that the new Animals As Leaders track ‘Tooth and Claw’ sounds a lot like a Veil of Maya track. I totally get what you mean. I don’t think it’s bad though. Try to check out the leaked track ‘Lippincott’, it’s totally different.

Animals As Leaders
The Joy Of Motion
Tooth and Claw
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Animals As Leaders // “Tooth and Claw”

Tosin you never cease to amaze me.

After The Burial // “Neo Seoul”


I’ve only just listened to After The Burial’s new album ‘Wolves Within’.


GODLIKE precision!

Periphery // “Extraneous”

Brand new Periphery! and fuck is it good.

Monuments // “Admit Defeat”

The original version might i add. Its superior  :P

This guy created a one-stringed djent guitar of awesomness.

And cover’s the new After The Burial single pretty darn well.

Alaya // “Inside”


Modern Day Babylon's first album ‘Travelers’ is released December 15th 2013, check out this teaser!

Give them a like!

LOVING this tune.

Volumes / “Vahle”

Volumes - Vahle

New Volumes coming early next year!